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Herba Lysimachiae
Molecular formula :

nature : plant crossings primulaceae Huang (Category of christinae Hance) of all dry grass. Gan, salty, slightly cold. Major containing flavonoids, phenolic components, sterols, such as amino acids. With moisture-Lee, Tonglin, swelling, antibacterial, promoting bile secretion and excretion, reduce biliary obstruction, Pai cholelithiasis, dissipated jaundice, lowering blood pressure, anticoagulant, anti-cancer and diuretic effects. Heat pouring, Surlyn, urine shy of pain, jaundice Chek urine, swelling Furuncle carbuncle, Snakebite, liver gall stones, urinary calculi.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Herba Desmodii Styraciffolii
2) Gold
3) gold Au
4) Gold;burnish gold;c.i. pigment metal 3;ci pigment metal 3;colloidal gold;gold flake;gold leaf;gold powder;gold-197;magnesium gold purple;shell gold
5) gold
6) herba;Chinese ephedra
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