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Bronze Red C;Lake Red C
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as the red color of amylin C. Red and yellow, marked a strong color in golden light, needle-like crystals or Corynebacterium. 2.11g/cm3 density of ~ 1.65. The temperature of 380 ° C to 390. Specific Surface Area 7 ~ 110m / g. Oil Absorption 40 ~ 78g/100g. The concentrated sulfuric acid to cherry red, brown diluted precipitation red precipitation. Water-soluble, ethanol. Insoluble acetone, benzene. Heat and Light excellent performance. The system is good ink flows. 2-amino-5-chloro-4-methyl-p diazotization with 2-naphthol coupling, and add pine soap and barium chloride to change color precipitate barium salt. For red ink, rubber and educational supplies, the art coloring pigment.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Bronze red C;Pigment golden red lake C;Pigment rubber scarlet LC
2) Lake Red C;Red Toner C;C.I.15585
3) Lake Red C;Red Toner C
4) Lake Red C;Red Toner C
5) C.I.Pigment Red 53:1(15585:1);Dainichi Lake Red C;Ir-galite Red CBN,CBT,MBC;Lake Red Toner LCLL;Lake Red C;Pigment Lake Red LC;Segnale Red LC,LCG,LCL;Vulcafor Red 2R
6) Bronze Red
7) Bronze Red
8) bronze red
9) Bronze Red
10) Bronze Red C-3115N
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