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Molecular formula :

nature : a category can grow rules since the outbreak of convex polygon shape with the anisotropic crystalline material, its internal atoms, ions or molecules in 3D space for extended cyclical rules with its prominent structural features, with liquid, gas , amorphous solids (such as vitreous) are different. The three-dimensional crystal structure cycle consists of two elements, namely by repeated cycles of 3D entities (crystal structure-based or cell yuan), and reflect the basic cycle of three-dimensional size and direction of a base vector.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) crystal
2) crystal
3) polycrystal
4) quasi crystal
5) single crystal
6) real crystal
7) doped crystal
8) ionic crystal
9) ideal crystal
10) quartz crystal
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2) Piperidineacetic acid derivatives useful as fibrinogen antagonist agent
3) Piperazine 2, 5 dione derivatives as modulators of multi-drug resistance
4) Imidazole derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors in particular egf-rthyrosine kinase
5) Pyridonecarboxylic acid derivative substituted by bicyclic amino group, ester thereof, salt thereof, and bicyclic amine as intermediate thereof
6) Thiazolidinone compounds or angina pectoris remedy or preventive containing the same as artive ingredient
7) 3 -aryl -1, 2, 4 -triazole derivatives with herbicidal properties
8) 4 -aryl -and 4 -heteroaryl -5 -oxopyrazoline derivatives having pesticidal properties
9) Steroid receptor modulator compounds and methods
10) Substituted azetidin-2-ones for treatment of atherosclerosis