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whisker reinforcement
Molecular formula :

nature : a larger category of monocrystal aspect ratio and diameter 0.1 µ m to several microns in length for the general micron to a few thousand dollars. Fewer defects of the crystal short fiber, and the tensile strength of nearly pure crystal theoretical strength. Whiskers Whiskers including metal and non-metallic whiskers. Different whiskers using different preparation methods. Whisker Composites are used to enhance the body.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) metallic whisker reinforcement
2) beryllia whisker reinforcement
3) non-metal whisker reinforcement
4) reinforcement
5) silicon carbide whisker reinforcement
6) vapo(u)r growth carbon fiber(reinforcement);VGCI
7) whisker(S)
8) whisker(s)
9) whisker(s)
10) cement
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