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poly-p-xylene;poly-p-phenylene dimethy-lene
Molecular formula :

nature : the main chain by Asian and Asian phenyl ethyl alternating order consisting of a polymer. Right from the xylene by vacuum evaporation deposition polymerization. 1.11g/cm3 density, the melting point of 400 ° C. Thermal stability of oxygen poor, in an inert gas to 220 ° C for use in the air only 90 ~ 130 ° C continuous use. Electrical performance is excellent, 150 ° Cany resistance to organic solvents. Mainly for capacitors, electronic components and electronic circuit boards and an insulating coating.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) poly-p-xylene;parylene N
2) poly-p-xylene;parylene N
3) poly-p-xylene;parylene N
4) p-xylene
5) 1,4-Xylene;p-Dimethylbenzene;1,4-dimethyl-Benzene;1,4-dimethylbenzene;4-methyltoluene;4-xylene;1,4-dimethyl-benzen;chromar;p-methyltoluene;p-xylene
6) 1,4-xylene;p-xylene
7) 1,4-xylene;p-xylene
8) 1,4-Xylene;1,4-Dimethylbenzene;p-Xylene;p-Dimethylbenzene;Benzene, 1,4-dimethyl-
9) p-xylene;1,4-dimethylbenzene
10) xylene;dimethyl benzene
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