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lanoline alcohol polyethoxylate
Molecular formula :

nature : Department of wool alcohol polyoxyethylene product. Addition of ethylene oxide due to the number of different products, which are scattered from the water soluble to the widest range of HLB value products, with the degree of ethoxylation, the product of HLB, the antacid products, alkaline resistance and good chemical stability, wide application. Different products can be applied to shampoo, and smooth as silk and lipstick products, which can be used Cream.

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More Detailed Data:
1) poly(ethylene oxide);PEO
2) lanolin
3) lanolin;wool fat
4) lanolin;wool fat
5) lanolis
6) Wool fat;Lanolinum, industrial
7) ethylene
8) Ehtylene
9) wool
10) Ethylene;Ethene
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