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Radix Rhapontici
Molecular formula :

nature : Compositae Rhaponticum uniflorum [Rhaponticum uniflorum (L.) DC.] Or Yuzhou Loulu (Echinops Lali - folius, Tausch.T) - drying. Bitter winter. The main thorn in the side of blue-alkali, volatile oil, phenolic components, sterols and so on. With Qingrejiedu Consumers carbuncle, milk, methocarbamol Tongmai, anti - atherosclerosis, anti-oxidation, inhibited lipid peroxidation, enhance immunity, inhibition of monoamine oxidase activity such role. Mastitis for pain, gangrene carbuncle hair back, scrofula M. Chuangdu, milk passageway, wet Bi Patient infections.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Yuzhou Loulu
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