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cage polynitrocompound
Molecular formula :

nature : molecular structure of the cage which contains a number of nitro compounds, such as multi-nitro-n-polygon, multi-ring-shaped cage Nitramine so. Symmetrical structure, high density, high performance explosion. More than 2.0g/cm3 density. Bean detonation velocity greater than / s. Explosion pressure greater than the Caged GPa more nitro compounds is that people strive for the goal. Have synthesized more than a nitro polyhedron n 1,4-Dinitrophenol cubane-, 1,3,5 - trinitro-n-Cube, 1,3,5,7 - nitro cubane-4, nitro cubane-6, 4-nitro-2 n-cube, the four-nitro-2 5 Prism n , 6 nitro -Cs- high cubane-3, 6-nitro -Ds- cubane-3, four nitro Adamantane so. The United States has designed more than three ring-shaped cage Nitramine, six nitro hexaazacyclooctadecene Adamantane, six nitro hexaazacyclooctadecene Alex nitro-6-22 and 6 n-aza Alex differences, the three densities can reach 2.0g/cm3 above (HMX than 5%), the detonation velocity of 9.4 ~ 9 .5 km / s (HMX than 4%), the burst pressure of 42.0 ~ 43.0GPa (HMX higher than 8%), of which six different nitro hexaazacyclooctadecene n Alex has been out Synthesis, and is examining its performance, manufacturing technology and application, his two Derivatives Study is underway. Caged more nitro compounds can be used for high energy density propellants, underwater Charge, high penetration capability of the cone Charge Charge and nuclear weapons, the weapons systems will have a significant performance impact.

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More Detailed Data:
1) compound
2) nitrocompounds
3) nitro-compound
4) chemical compound
5) nitro-group;nitryl
6) nitro group
7) chemical combination
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