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Molecular formula : (C6H5) 3SnSn (C6H5) 3

nature : the white crystals. 232.5 ° C melting point. More than 280 ° C decomposition. Do not dissolve in water, micro-soluble ether, dissolved in chloroform and benzene. Lithium or magnesium produced in tetrahydrofuran (C6H5) 3SnLi or [(C6H< SUB>5) 3Sn] 2Mg. By phenyl lithium chloride and four (or six two tin chloride) were in the ether -10 ° C or -78 ° C reaction derived. For diolefins polymerization catalysts, metal or glass fiber surface hot tin coated materials and rayon stability agents.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Tin;white tin
2) Tin powder
3) tin Sn
4) tin
5) phenyl group
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