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Molecular formula : (C6H5) 3PbPb (C6H k5) 3

nature : yellow crystals. 225 ° C melting point. 190 ° Cdecomposition. Dissolved organic solvents such as benzene. In ethanol and hydrogen chloride generated three phenyl chloride Lead and Lead chloride in ether with iodized magnesium reacted iodized triphenyltin lead, with butyl lithium-6 produced by the reaction butyl phenyl-2 lead and lithium. Lead by chlorination and phenyl or phenyl lithium bromide derived magnesium reaction. For polyphenylene ether lubricant antioxidants.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Lead
2) Lead;Lead powder;c.i. pigment metal 4;ci pigment metal 4;elemental lead;glover;lead flake;lead inorganic;lead metal
3) lead
4) lead
5) Lead;Lead flake
6) Lead;Lead flake
7) lead Pb
8) phenyl group
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1) Hairdressing composition
2) Support equipment for human body massage
3) Ultrasonic massage appliance
4) Health-care earphone for promoting memory and preventing noises
5) Artificial blood vessel
6) Electronic therapeutic equipment for pharyngitis
7) Auto-bathing tool
8) Heat insulating cooking container
9) Electric moisture-heat preservation food-box
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