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hexaphenyldisiloxane;oxybis(triphenylsilane);bis(triphenylsilyl)ether;triphenylsilyl ether
Molecular formula : C6H5SiOSiC6H5

nature : Boiling Point 494 ° C 226 ° C melting point. Refractive index 1.68 six phenyl were two siloxane chain of Si-O-Si chain segment structure determination of its bond angle greater than 130 °. Siloxane the Si-O bond can be a series of halides by fracture. It used for the preparation of polymer plastic and rubber with the performance. The small molecular weight bar to the oil can be made of silicone oil. Large molecular weight of solids can be made of plastic and rubber. May 3 hydrolysis of phenyl chlorosilane condensation system to take. For straight-chain polysiloxane-agent closures.

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More Detailed Data:
1) hexaphenyl-Disiloxane;Hexaphenyldisiloxane;hexaphenyl-disiloxan
2) siloxanes
3) triphenylsilane
4) Triphenylsilane
5) Triphenylsilane
6) ethylene oxide;epoxyethane;oxane
7) phenylsilane
8) Diethyl ether;1,1'-Oxybisethane;Ether;Ethyl ether;Diethyl oxide;Ethoxyethane
9) Ether
10) Ether
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