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ethyl-sulfuric acid;ethyl hydrogen sulfate
Molecular formula : CH3CH2OSO2OH

nature : also known as sulfuric acid ethyl (ethyl bisulfate) or ethyl sulfate (ethyl-sulfuric acid). A colorless, oily liquid. The boiling point 280 ° C (decomposition). 1.316 relative density. Heating or boiling concentrated aqueous solution at the decomposition of toxic sulfur oxides (SOx) smoke, the skin, eyes, mucous membrane irritation are strong, corrosion.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Ethyl hydrogen sulphate;Sulfuric acid monoethyl ester;Sulphouinic acid;Ethylsulphuric acid
2) Diethyl sulfate;Sulfuric acid diethyl ester;Ethyl sulpate
3) Ethyl sulfate
4) Ethanol, 2-amino-, hydrogen sulfate (ester);2-Aminoethyl sulfuric acid;2-Aminoethyl hydrogen sulfate;2-Aminoethanol hydrogen sulfate ester
5) Sulfuric acid
6) Sulfuric acid
7) sulfuric acid
8) sulfuric acid
9) Sulfuric acid;Sulfuric acid, fuming;acide sulfurique
10) sulfuric acid
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1) Natural medicine for resisting pyloric Helicobacterium
2) Chinese herbal medicine for curing aplastic anemia
3) Prescription for external use medicine for curing many kinds of diseases
4) Compound preparation for curing pasteurellosis of poultry
5) Compound preparation for resisting white diarrhea of poultry and domestic animals
6) Preparation of Chinese herbal medicine for constricting woman vagina
7) Food for softening stool, delactation and de-fatting
8) Injection for debromhidrosis
9) Syrup for curing arthralgia-syndrome pain
10) Medicine for tooth transplantation and producing process thereof