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epsom salt;magnesium sulfate
Molecular formula : MgSO4 7H2O

nature : also known as epsom salt (epsom salt) . Colorless small needle-like or columnar crystal ramps. 1.68g/cm3 density. Water-soluble. Micro-soluble alcohol. 67.5 ° C in the crystallization of soluble in the water itself. In dry air easily weathered. Heated to 70 ~ 80 ° C, will lose four crystallization of water, 150 ° Clost six crystal water in 200 ° C lose all crystal water. No foul. A bitter. With magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesite and other raw materials for sulfuric acid decomposition or Canada and were derived. There are a by-product of the production of potassium chloride raw materials, and the system of magnesium bromide after pro-liquor mixed Isolation Cooling in rough magnesium sulfate, reheating filtering, impurity removal, cooling and crystallization in industrial magnesium sulfate. That can Bittern heating enrichment, or derived from crystal MgO and gypsum slurry water system in carbonation. For magnesium fertilizers, refractories, sugar refining, fresh yeast and MSG production also be used for animal feed, protein coagulant, laxative, glass, porcelain and paint additives, the paper deinking agents, sizing and dyeing cotton, silk add agents, plastic stabilizers, fire retardants, leather tanning agent, Salt agents. Three hydrate by seven magnesium sulfate in water temperature control 106 ° Coff four crystal water derived. Yes multiple enzyme activator, in the metabolism of sugar and protein plays an important role in the fermentation source of nutrition and food additives. Medicine made laxative.

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