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Molecular formula :

nature : in analytical chemistry generally refers to determination and detection equipment can detect substances in the minimum amount or minimum concentration. Determination of sensitivity with the experimental conditions are closely related, usually work with the curve slope indicated value of the sensitivity of this method more practical, the greater the value of the slope, the higher the sensitivity. Qualitative methods of identification detection sensitivity is limited m (units µ g) and the lowest concentration c1 (in g / L) 2 related to the quantity, detection limits and minimum concentration, the lower the more sensitive method of identification. The apparatus analysis, sensitivity analysis directly dependent on the detector sensitivity and magnification equipment, increasing the sensitivity of detection and amplification equipment, increased sensitivity, noise also growing, the signal to noise ratio S / N and analysis methods of detection capability will not necessarily improve and improve. If sensitivity is not given access to the sensitivity of this instrument conditions, the analysis of sensitivity not comparable. Not considered because of the sensitivity of the measurement noise impact, therefore, recommends the detection limit and not as a characterization of the sensitivity analysis method detected the largest capacity.

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More Detailed Data:
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