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Molybdophosphoric acid
Molecular formula : 20MoO3 48H2O & 2H3PO4 nbsp;

nature : bright yellow crystals. Soluble in water, alcohol, ether, acid and phosphoric acid molybdenum direct synthesis. The reagents used for alkaloids.

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More Detailed Data:
1) phosphomolybdic acid;PMA
2) phosphomolybdic acid;PMA
3) phosphomolybdic acid solution;dodecamolybdophosphoric;dodecamolybdophosphoric acid;dodecamolybdophosphoricacid
4) molybdic acid
5) Molybdic acid
6) molybdic acid
7) molybdic acid
8) Molybdic acid
9) molybdicacid
10) Molybdic acid
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