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Molecular formula :

nature : immune cells called. Lymphocytes (1ymphocyte) is immune to the WBC with a pivotal cell type, interleukin about 20% of the total to 30%. And according to the size of lymphocytes can be divided into small (6-8 µ m), (9 ~ 14 µ m), (14 ~ 20 µ m) three. Lymphoblastoid cells in the Department of lymphocytes is a big category. Cell kernel, chromatin was loose mesh; Nucleolar clear, we can see l ~ 3. Mitosis dispensable. It is available from T or B lymphocyte transformation from, is the former into the lymphoblast cell division after several massive effector cells, and plays an immune cells in vivo for the role, such as "identification", as allograft rejection. The antigen stimulation of B lymphocytes can be transformed to lymphoblastoid cell differentiation several changes of plasma cells. Plasma cells produce antibodies, plays the role of humoral immunity.

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More Detailed Data:
1) light staining center;germinal center;lymphoblast center;reaction center
2) lymphoblastoid cell
3) cell
4) immunity
5) immunity
6) IFN;Interferon
7) Interferon
8) Like human lymphoblast cell interferon
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