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consecutive reaction;sequential reaction
Molecular formula :

nature : two or more stages of the chemical reaction, if the reaction adjacent to the former as the latter product of the reaction and consumed, without regeneration, these reactions were said to assemble a series of reactions, known as the continuous reaction. The most simple response to a series of chemical formula for ABC. Many gradually decay of radioactive elements, such as 94Pu24195An24193Np23791Pa23392U233 - ?... can be viewed as a series of reactions.

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1) consecutive or sequential reaction
2) fluthiacet-ethyl;Action;methyl(2-chloro-4-fluoro-5-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-3-oxo-1H,3H-(1,3,4)thiasiazolo(3,4-a)pyridazin-1-ylideneamino)phenylthio)acetate;methyl((2-chloro-4-fluoro-5-((tetrahydro-3-oxo-1H,3H-(1,3,4)thiadiazolo(3,4-a)-pyridazin-1-ylidene)amino)phenyl)thiio)acetate
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