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massive crystalline graphite
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as dense amorphous or polycrystalline graphite quality graphite. Crystal was cluttered or radiated. Graphite is generally contain greater than 60%, sometimes 80% to 90%. The average diameter greater than 0.1 mm. According to crystal size can be divided into coarse and fine grained (average particle size of less than 0.1mm). Produced in the igneous rock (nepheline syenite) and gneiss, the strains were from, nest-like vein distribution. Its lubricating, such as flexible graphite Flake good. General graphite can be used as the raw materials.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Graphite;Graphite powder;aerodag g;ag 1500;aquadag;as 1;at 20;atj-s;atj-s graphite;black lead;c.i. 77265;c.i. pigment black 10;canlub;cb 50;ceylon black lead;cpb 5000;dc 2;eg 0;electrographite
2) graphite
3) graphite
4) graphite
5) graphite
6) Plumbago;Black lead;Mineral carbon;Graphite powder
7) crystallization
8) crystallization
9) crystallization
10) crystal
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