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transmembrane channel
Molecular formula :

nature : Department of membrane ion-selective free access channel, Channel morphogenetic protein (pore - forming protein; PFP). Pore formation of another protein called perforin-1 (proforin; P1). So often written PFP/p1. Cytotoxicity role in the immune defense plays an important role. These effects in the cytoplasm of cells, within the cytotoxic effect with the PFP/p1, which makes cultured cell polarization (cytoplasmic particles moving toward target cells), and can be dissolved in many tumor cells. Tumor cells may change PFP/p1 conformation, exposing lipid binding region. Polymerization of Poly p1 into inner diameter of 1.6 × 10 - 8m (16nm) of the pipeline, its end can be embedded foil 3 × 10 - 9m (3nm) deep, once embedded in lipid bilayer, will form a permanent transmembrane channel.

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