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Benzoylhydrazide;Benzhydrazide;Benzoic acid, hydrazide;Benzoyl hydrazine
Molecular formula : C7H8N2O
MW : 613-951-0688, 136.15

nature : for the goods to white-yellow crystal.

Preparation : No

purposes : No

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More Detailed Data:
1) Benzoic acid, hydrazide;Benzoic hydrazide;Benzoydrazide;Benzoylhydrazine;benzohydrazine;hydrazid kyseliny benzoove;benzoyl-hydrazin;Benzoyl hydrazine
2) benzhydrazide
3) 4-Nitrobenzoylhydrazide;p-nitro-benzoic aci hydrazide;4-nitro-benzoic aci hydrazide;p-nitrobenzoic acid hydrazide;4-nitrobenzhydrazide
4) 2-Hydroxybenzoic acid hydrazide;Salicycic acid hydrazide;salicylic acid, hydrazide;2-hydroxybenzoylhydrazide;2-hydroxybenzoylhydrazine;2-hydroxy-benzoic aci hydrazide;o-hydroxybenzhydrazide
5) o-Ethoxybenzhydrazide;2-Ethoxybenzhydrazide
6) 2-Ethoxy benzhydrazide;O-Ethoxy benzhydrazide;2-Ethoxybenzhydrazide
7) 2-Ethoxy benzhydrazide;O-Ethoxy benzhydrazide;2-Ethoxybenzhydrazide
8) 1,2-dibenzoyl-hydrazin;1,2-dibenzoylhydrazine;benzoic acid, 2-benzoylhydrazide;sym-dibenzoylhydrazine;Benzoic acid,2-benzoylhydrazide;N,N'-Dibenzoylhydrazine
9) 1,2-Dibenzoylhydrazine;Benzoic acid, 2-benzoylhydrazide;N,N'-Dibenzoylhydrazine;sym-Dibenzoylhydrazine
10) hydrazide
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