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Molecular formula: C10H6CL2N2
molecular weight: 225.1
CAS No. :3740-92-9

density: 1.5g/cm3
melting point: 96.9 ° C
Vapor Pressure: 12mPa (20 ° C)
toxicity LD50 ( mg / kg): rat LD50 imports more than 5,000 acute, acute percutaneous than 2000. Right slight stimulation of the skin, eyes without stimulation. Rats fed 90 days without trial for the role of 100mg/kg dose feed. Acute oral Japanese quail than 500. Rainbow trout LC50 (96h) 0.6 mg / L, respectively. Non-toxic to bees.
traits: colorless crystal.
dissolution: 20 ° C water solubility of 2.5 mg / L, dissolved in acetone, cyclohexanone, dichloromethane, toluene, xylene, hexane-soluble, methanol, n-octanol, isopropanol.
purposes: Herbicides antidotes. Sowing tunnels used to protect wetlands from C of amine in violation of generally 100 to 200g (a.i.) / ha and C of serotonin (ratio of 3:1) mixed use in the subtropical and subtropical conditions, and in temperate ratio of 1:2. The goods on rice leaves no impact on the growth rate, when will the C-amine grass roots, branches and leaves to the application, weeding role some delay when herbicide application prior to the goods-in rice and effective. Field tests showed that in two days after absorption of security, the most effective herbicide application, and application of an amine of C ~ 4 days for the helicopter, to a large extent affected crop recovery.
preparation or sources: A nitrile as raw materials in the system.
Note: 400 ° C stability. Cm in the soil for 17 to 35 days.
categories: herbicide

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