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Molecular formula: C12H22O11
molecular weight: 342.30

density: 1.5805 (17.5 ° C) melting point
: 185 ~ 186 ° C
traits: colorless monoclinic crystal wedge, or white crystalline particles , sweetness.
solution: not soluble in ether, ethanol and methanol-soluble and water-soluble (0 ° C, 487 ° C 179,100).
purposes: eat foods with sugar and sweeteners; Manufacturing ethanol, butanol, ethylene glycol and citric acid, fermented with initiator; The system is also used caramel into sugar and transparent soap; Medicine for preservatives, tablet excipients and antioxidant; Ways of sugar.
preparation or sources: the existence of the sugar cane, sugar beet and other fruit plants, leaves, roots, stems and flowers. The raw materials for sugarcane, sugarcane shredding pressure bending, with lime juice will be handled out impurities, filtration, liquid vacuum concentration, crystallization, a system of raw sugar, dissolved bleaching, the result of crystallization.
Note: sucrose than the rotation of +66.37 ° (solution). Part of the goods from members of glucose and fructose lost part of the water from condensation. With D-sexual. In the media or weak acid invertase role, and the goods for the hydrolysis of the glucose and fructose Moore, as hydrolysis, than the rotation of the decline, if fully hydrolysis, the aqueous mixture over into the L-degree rotation, it is because the ratio of glucose to +52.7 ° of rotation, the ratio of fructose to -92 ° rotation, was superimposed after L-sexual.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) sugar;sucrose
2) Cane sugar;Saccharose;Sugar;.alpha.-D-Glucopyranoside, .beta.-D-fructofuranosyl
3) cane sugar
4) cane sugar;Sucrose
5) sucrose;cane sugar;saccharose
6) alpha-D-Glucopyranosyl beta-D-fructofuranoside;beta-D-Fructofuranose-(2-1)-alpha-D-glucopyranoside;Sucrose;Saccharose;D(+)-Sucrose
7) sugar
8) sugar(s);saccharide(s);carbohydrate(s)
9) ficoll;polysucrose
10) sucralose;trichlorosucrose
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