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Molecular formula: C
molecular weight: 12.0107

density: 2.25 graphite, diamond 3.51
melting point: Graphite 3500 ° C
trait: there are profiled in the same diamond, graphite and carbon recently discovered ball ( also known as fullerenes). There are non-crystalline carbon, glass and ceramics.
solution: do not dissolve in the general solvent, but some soluble in molten metal.
use: a wide range of uses. And many types of carbon compounds.
preparation or sources: the nature and quality of a single compound.
Note: atomic number six, atomic weight 12.0107 valence +2, +4, 4.
categories: single quality

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Carbon
2) Carbon;Activated carbon;acticarbone;activated charcoal;adsorbit;ag 3 (adsorbent);ag 5;ag 5 (adsorbent);ak (adsorbent);amoco px 21;anthrasorb
3) carbon C
4) carbon
5) diamond
6) graphite
7) Activated carbon;Activated charcoal;Carbon
8) carbonization
9) fixed carbon
10) fixed carbon
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