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Dilute Wo determined
Molecular formula:
molecular weight: 327.5
CAS No. :74051-80-2 (i)

density: 1.05
boiling point:> 90 (0.4E-5 kPa, 3E-5 mm Hg ° Cb _ toxicity LD50 (mg / kg): acute oral LD50: Rat 3200, more than 5,000 quails. in rats with acute percutaneous LD50 greater than 5,000 rats acute inhalation LC50 greater than 6.28mg / L, respectively. Experimental rats fed non-2a dose of 17.2mg / L . carp LC50 (48h) mg / L, water lice LC50 (3h) 1.5 mg / L, respectively. non-toxic to bees.
characters: pale yellow liquid with the smell of oil. reflux (low viscosity) of liquid.
dissolution: 20 ° C when dissolved in methanol, n - pentane, ethyl acetate, toluene, n-octanol and organic solvents. Solubility in water is 4.7 ml / liter.
use: Low-toxic herbicide. Strong absorption within the conduction of rainfall does not affect the basic effect. suitable for soybeans, flax, sugar beet, Peanut, canola and other crops. Cefixime is a herbicide. yes inhibitor of mitosis. almost all have high activity grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and ineffective security. for broadleaf crops (cotton, flax, canola, potatoes, soybeans, sunflower and vegetables), 0 .2 ~ 025kg (a.i.) / ha buds after use, and control of grassy weeds in 2001 to 0.20 ~ 0.50kg/ha, control of perennial weeds, if additional 1% to 2% L Oil / ha better efficacy. b _ preparation or sources: Available 5 - 2 - () - propyl] - 1 ,3 Central - dione, Ding chloride as raw materials and ethoxy - amine in the system.
Note: general preparation for the EC or oil emulsion. copper and inorganic or organic compounds not compatible. soil diameter of less than 1 day (15 ° C). JP Patent No. 52-112945 (1977) there is no question of monopoly.
categories: herbicide

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