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xylene;xylol;dimethyl benzene
Molecular formula :
MW :

traits : colorless, transparent liquid, aromatic odor and toxic!
purposes : as solvent.
preparation or sources : from the distillation of coal tar naphtha catalytic reforming or in part by oil fractionation, or toluene disproportionation, as derived.
Remarks : o-xylene, m-xylene, xylene mixtures. Said mixed xylene, m-xylene more content.

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More Detailed Data:
1) xylene;xylol;dimethyl benzene
2) xylene;dimethyl benzene
3) Xylene
4) Dimethylbenzene;Xylene
5) dimethyl-Benzene;Xylene;Dimethylbenzene;ai3-02209-x;dimethyl-benzen;caswell no 906;epa pesticide chemical code 086802;ksylen
6) Xylene (mixture);Dimethylbenzene (mixture)
7) o-xylene;1,2-dimethyl benzene
8) 1,2-Xylene;1,2-Dimethylbenzene;o-Xylene;Benzene, 1,2-dimethyl;o-Dimethylbenzene;o-Xylenes;o-Xylol
9) musk xylene;xylol musk;2,4,6-trinitro-5-tert-butyl-m-xylene
10) O-xylene
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