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CAS : 52919-86-5
formula : C15H14N2O
Chinese name : hydrazide

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More Detailed Data:
1) hydrazide
2) carbonic dihydrazide;carbohydrazide
3) benzhydrazide
4) acethydrazide
5) tebufenozide
6) acethydrazide;Monoacetyl hydrazine
7) Acetic Hydrazide;Hydrazide acetic acid;Acethydrazidc
8) Formic hydrazide
9) Daminozide;N-(Dimethylamino)succinamic acid;Butanedioic acid mono(2,2-dimethylhydrazide);B-Nine;DMASA;Aminozide;SADH;B-995;Dimas;Alar-85;Kylar
10) Acethydrazide;Acetic acid, hydrazide;Acetic hydrazide;Acetohydrazide;Acetyl hydrazide;Monoacetyl hydrazine;N-Acetyldiamine
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