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Iron molybdate;iron molybdenum oxide
CAS : 13769-81-8
formula : Fe Mo O
Chinese name : molybdate
English title : Iron molybdate; iron bonus oxide

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More Detailed Data:
1) Molybdenum oxide;Molybdenum anhydride;Molybdenum trioxide;Molybdic oxide;molybdena;molybdenum oxide;molybdenum trioxide
2) molybdate
3) molybdate
4) iron
5) Iron;Fine iron powder;3zhp;ancor en 80/150;armco iron;carbonyl iron;efv 250/400;eo 5a;eo5a
6) iron
7) molybdicacid
8) molybdic acid
9) Molybdic acid
10) molybdic acid
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