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phosphomolybdic acid solution;dodecamolybdophosphoric;dodecamolybdophosphoric acid;dodecamolybdophosphoricacid
CAS : 12026-57-2
formula : H3PO4 12MoO3 xH2O
Chinese name : Mo phosphoric acid; Phosphomolybdate

England article title : phosphomolybdic acid solution; dodecamolybdophosphoric; dodecamolybdophosphoric acid; dodecamolybdophosphoricacid

performance : yellow luminescence of irregular crystals. Dissolved in water, ethanol and ether. Mainly used for the analysis of reagent, the system is also used as pigments. By molybdenum trioxide directly with the role of phosphoric acid in the system.
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More Detailed Data:
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2) phosphomolybdic acid;PMA
3) phosphomolybdic acid;PMA
4) Phosphoric acid;phosphoric acid;Orthophosphoric acid;acide phosphorique
5) Phosphomolybdic acid hydrate;Molybdophosphoric acid
6) phosphoric acid
7) Orthophosphoric acid;Phosphoric acid
8) phosphoric acid
9) phosphoric acid
10) Phosphoric acid;Orthophosphoric acid
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