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Zinc sulfide;albalith;c.i. pigment white 7;ci pigment white 7;cleartran;irtran 2;pigment white 7;sachtolith;sachtolith hd-s;zinc blende;zinc monosulfide;zinc sulfide (zns)
CAS : 1314-98-3
formula : SZn
molecular weight : 97.47
Chinese name : ZnS; ZnS, anhydrous; sphalerite; ZnS (white pigment)
English title : Zinc Mining; albalith; C.I . seven white pigment; ci white pigment 7; cleartran; irtran 2; seven white pigment; sachtolith; sachtolith hd-s; zinc blende; zinc monosulfide; zinc Mining (ZnS)

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More Detailed Data:
1) zinc sulfide
2) zinc sulfide
3) zinc sulfide
4) zinc sulfide
5) sphalerite;zinc blende
6) sphalerite;zinc blende ZnS
7) zinc sulfide pigment;pigment white 7
8) sphalerite
9) zinc blende structure
10) luminous zinc sulfide ZnS
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