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formic acid, hydrazide;carbazaldehyde;formal hydrazine;formhydrazid;formhydrazide;formylhydrazide;hydrazinecarboxaldehyde;n-formylhydrazine;formic acid hydrazide
CAS : 624-84-0
formula : CH4N2O
molecular weight : 60.06
melting point : 54-58 ° C
Chinese name : formic acid hydrazide; formyl hydrazine

English name : formic acid hydrazide; carbazaldehyde; formal hydrazine; formhydrazid; formhydrazide; formylhydrazide; hydrazinecarboxaldehyde; n-formylhydrazine; formic acid hydrazide

traits Description : Huang color P.yezoensis ACICULAR or crystallization. 54 ° C melting point. Soluble benzene, ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform.

production methods : by Ethyl and hydrazine hydrate in response. 85% hydrazine hydrate to carefully joined Ethyl and 95% ethanol solution, stirring 10min. When the relaxation response, the reaction solution heated to return 18 hours, most of decompression steamed water and ethanol, derived crude syrup bar, to be further refined product formyl hydrazine.

purposes : for organic synthesis.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Formic hydrazide
2) Hydrazine;hydrazine anhydrous;hydrazine base;hydrazyna;hydrazyna (polish);nitrogen hydride;Hydrazin;Diamid
3) hydrazide
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6) Hydrazine;Hydrazine base;Diamine;Hydrazine anhydrous
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9) Methanoic acid;Formic acid
10) formic acid;methanoic acid
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