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hydrazodi-formic aci;1,2-diformylhydrazin;1,2-diformylhydrazine;sym-diformylhydrazine;1,2-Diformyl hydrazine;Diformylhydrazin
CAS : 628-36-4
formula : C2H4N2O2
molecular weight : 88.06
melting point : 155-160 ° C
Chinese name : two carbamoyl hydrazine
English title : hydrazodi - formic Aci; 1,2-diformylhydrazin; 1,2-diformylhydrazine; sym-diformylhydrazine; 1,2-Diformyl hydrazine; Diformylhydrazin

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More Detailed Data:
1) Hydrazine;hydrazine anhydrous;hydrazine base;hydrazyna;hydrazyna (polish);nitrogen hydride;Hydrazin;Diamid
2) formic acid, hydrazide;carbazaldehyde;formal hydrazine;formhydrazid;formhydrazide;formylhydrazide;hydrazinecarboxaldehyde;n-formylhydrazine;formic acid hydrazide
3) Formic hydrazide
4) Hydrazine;Hydrazine base;Diamine;Hydrazine anhydrous
5) hydrazine
6) hydrazine
7) hydrazine
8) hydrazine
9) 2,3-Dihydro-1,4-phthalazinedione;Phthalhydrazide
10) Hydrazide
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