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L-Glutamic acid;1-aminopropane-1,3-dicarboxylic acid;2-aminopentanedioic acid;aciglut;alpha-aminoglutaric acid;alpha-glutamic acid;d-glutamiensuur;glusate;glutacid;glutamic acid;glutaminic acid;glutaminol;glutaton
CAS : 56-86-0
formula : C5H9NO4
MW : 147.13
temperature : 205 ° C

Chinese name : L-glutamate; L (+) - glutamate; Bran acid; Carboxylatc ; 2-carboxylatc

English name : L-Glutamic acid; 1-aminopropane-1 ,3-Xuebing acid; 2-aminopentanedioic acid; aciglut; alpha-aminoglutaric acid; alpha-Glutamic acid; d-glutamiensuur; glusate ; glutacid; Glutamic acid; glutaminic acid; glutaminol; glutaton

nature Description : Because glutamate is asymmetric carbon atoms, it formed several stereoisomers, the more important the L-glutamate (l-glutamate) and racemic glutamate (dl - glutamic acid), are non-toxic, its physicochemical properties as described below. L-glutamate Flake white crystals. Not bad for someone special flavor and sourness. Was acidic. Micro-soluble in cold water, soluble in water, almost insoluble in ether; Acetone and cold acetate, it is not soluble in ethanol and methanol. Decomposition of 247-249 ° C and 200 ° C sublimation, the relative density 1.538 (20,4 ° C), specific rotation [alpha] +30- +33 °. The goods and hydrochloric acid generated l-glutamate hydrochloride salt, alkali and generated l-a sodium glutamate. Racemic glutamate to the white crystals. Micro-soluble ether; Ethanol and petroleum ether. The relative density (20,4 ° C) 1.4601, 225-227 ° C melting point (decomposition). D-glutamic acid, water from precipitation to flake crystals, melting point 247-249 ° C (decomposition), relative density (20,4 ° C) 1.538.

production methods : use hydrolysis protein synthesis and production of glutamate, but fermentation production of glutamate is the principal method. Glutamic acid fermentation production of carbon is potato; Maize; Cassava starch; Coconut trees starch hydrolysis of starch sugar or molasses, and can also be acid; Liquid paraffin (C16 paraffin best) and other petrochemical products, which constitute carbon microbial cells and metabolites of the Carbon and energy business support material. Nitrogen is the ammonium salt; Urea, nitrogen constitutes bacterial cell protein and nucleic acid, etc. The main elements, nitrogen is fermented products glutamate constitute a major component amino elements. Other supporting materials such as inorganic salts, vitamins, for example, microorganisms requires appropriate concentration of phosphorus, magnesium is to stimulate the growth of inorganic cell activator, for potassium acid and corn syrup with biotin and organic nitrogen. It also includes the promotion of various agents and additives. Production is bacteria Brevibacterium (Brevibacterium); Beijing CORYNEBACTERIUM (Corynebacterium pekinensis). In a large fermenter, mixing ventilation fermentation temperature 30-34 ° C, pH> 7-8, 30-buds after fermentation, remove bacteria, glutamic acid fermentation broth extracted and refined products 1988, the above process using isoelectric point extraction, but also mining ion exchange; hydrochloride; direct Concentration (acetic acid for raw materials). Fermentation products for the production of L-glutamic acid content greater than 98%. Glutamic acid consumption per ton of starch (80%) 4000kg, bacteria 25kg. Synthesis of the advantage of not consume food, but the production process requires high pressure (about 20 MPa); High-temperature (120 ° C above), use of toxic materials, equipment investment is double fermentation, the racemate but also glutamate into the separation of complex production process. 1t production by 99% sodium glutamate (MSG), the synthesis consumption acrylonitrile input and output in 5000 when more than production costs and close acetify law.

purposes : L-glutamic acid used in the production of monosodium glutamate; Spices, and for substituting salt; Nutritional supplements and other biochemical reagents. L-glutamate itself can be used as medicine, and protein in brain glucose metabolism and promote oxidation process, the materials in the body combine with ammonia as a drug-free glutamine, ammonia dropped to alleviate symptoms of hepatic coma. Mainly for the treatment of hepatic coma and severe liver dysfunction, but the response was not satisfactory; Combined with antiepileptic drugs, fair treatment of epilepsy-like seizures and psychomotor seizures. Racemic glutamate used for the production of drugs, is also used as a biochemical reagents.

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1) L-Glutamic Acid;2-Aminopentanedioic Acid;Glutamic Acid
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5) L(+)-Glutamic acid;2-Aminoglutaric acid;L-Glutamic acid
6) l-glutamic acid;l-glutaminic acid
7) glutamic acid
8) Glutamate
9) Glutamic acid
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