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DL-2-Pyrrolidinone-5-carboxylic acid;dl-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid;DL-Pyroglutamic acid;DL-5-oxo-2-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid
CAS : 149-87-1
formula : C5H7NO3
molecular weight : 129.11
Melting Point : 180-185 ° C

Chinese name : DL-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid; DL-glutamic acid b Coke _
English title : DL-2-Pyrrolidinone-5-carboxylic acid; dl-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid; DL-Pyroglutamic acid; DL-5-oxo-2-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid
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More Detailed Data:
1) DL-Pyroglutamic Acid
2) L-Pyronglutamic acid;L-2-Pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid;5-Oxoproline;L-Glutiminoic acid;Glutamic acid lactone;L-5-Oxo-2-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid
3) L-Pyroglutamic acid;5-oxo-L-Proline;(-)-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid;(-)-pyroglutamic acid;(5s)-2-oxopyrrolidine-5-carboxylic acid;(s)-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid;2-benzothiazolesulfenic acid morpholide;2-pyrrolidinone-5-carboxylic acid;5-carboxy-2-pyrrolidinone;5-oxoproline
4) 5-Oxoproline;5-Oxopyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid;L-5-Pyrrolidone-2-carboxylic acid;(S)-(-)-2-Pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid;L-Pyroglutamic acid
5) L-pyroglutamic acid
6) pyroglutamic acid;pGlu;pyroglu
7) pyroglutamic acid;pGlu;pyroglu
8) glutamic acid;Glu;E
9) glutamic acid
10) L-Glutamic Acid;2-Aminopentanedioic Acid;Glutamic Acid
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