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C.I. Basic violet 1;c.i. basic violet 1, molybdatephosphate
CAS : 67989-22-4
Chinese name : C.I. Alkaline Purple 1; Molybdenum was
English name : C.I. a Basic violet; 1. basic violet, molybdatephosphate

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More Detailed Data:
1) C.I. Basic violet 15
2) molybdate
3) molybdate
4) Methyl Violet;C.I. 42535;Methyl Violet 2B;Basic Violet 1
5) Basic magenta;C.I. Basic violet 14;12418 red;aizen magenta;aniline red;astra fuchsine b;basic fuchsine;basic magenta e-200;basic violet 14;4-((4-aminophenyl)(4-imino-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene) methyl)-2-benzenamin
6) methyl violet;C. I. Basic Violet
7) Molybdophosphoric acid
8) phosphomolybdic acid;PMA
9) phosphomolybdic acid solution;dodecamolybdophosphoric;dodecamolybdophosphoric acid;dodecamolybdophosphoricacid
10) phosphomolybdic acid;PMA
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