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Ni Ni symbol, atomic number 28, atomic weight 58.71, the external electronic 3d84s2 arrangement at the fourth cycle ?ethnic. Metal radius 124.6 picometer, 741.1kJ/mol the first ionization energy, electricity negative 1.8, the main oxidation number +2, +3, +4. The silver-white metal, with good ductility, hardness with the middle and ferromagnetism. 8.902g/cm3 density, the temperature 1453 ° C, the boiling point of 2732 ° C Chemical properties more lively. A better corrosion resistance, at room temperature in air oxidation difficult, difficult and concentrated nitric acid reaction can be corrosive alkaline. Fine Nickel silk combustible, heated reaction with the halogen in the acid slowly dissolved. Able to absorb a considerable number of hydrogen. The system for stainless steel, corrosion-resistant alloys, batteries, chemical containers, ceramic products, but also as catalysts. 1751 Swede Kelangshiaite first red arsenic Nickel nickel system. Major mineral red arsenic nickel ore, nickel ore, such as acupuncture. By calcined ore into oxide, gas or water to be reduced carbon nickel.

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