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Toluene;Methylbenzene;Toluol;Benzene, methyl-;Methacide;methyl-Benzene;Methylbenzol;Phenyl methane
Molecular formula : C7H8
MW : 92.14
CAS No. :108-88-3

nature : colorless, transparent liquid, similar to the smell of benzene toxicity, secondary, combustible. -95 ° C melting point, boiling point, 110.6 ° C and 14.5 ° C (1.94kPa), the relative density of 0.8667 (20 / 4 ° C), 1.49414 refractive index, a flash point of 444 ° C, spontaneous 536.1 points ° C. Soluble ethanol, benzene, ether, do not dissolve in water. The air explosion limits of 1.27% -7.0%. Commodities with the formation of acetic acid mixture constant boiling point, boiling point of 104-104.2 ° C, the temperature of -9.5 ° C

Preparation : CHAR-product of the crude benzol fraction containing 15-20% toluene, toluene used to be the main source of production per ton of recyclable Coke toluene 1.1-1.3kg. From the early 1950s, the world's main source of toluene from coke by-product of change and catalytic reforming of hydrocarbon cracking, in 1982, oil production accounted for toluene over 96%. Catalytic reforming aromatic oil containing 50-60% (volume), toluene content of up to 40-45%; Pyrolysis gasoline aromatics content of 70% (mass), of which 15-20% of toluene. 1. Coking-product recovery of benzene-product coking high temperature hot tar, the part containing benzene. By the beginning of the first distillation tower early run, a light tower benzene, benzene bottom heavy (benzene for Preparation Coumarone resin raw materials). Benzene first light by early distillation tower, the bottom mixed fractions by acid washing to remove impurities, and then blowing into benzene tower steam blowing, and then in pure benzene distillation column distillation. 2. Platinum restructuring atmospheric distillation method using the light gasoline (initial boiling point of about 138 ° C) and interception fraction greater than 65 ° C, the first by molybdenum catalyst, catalytic hydrogenation emerge harmful impurities, and then platinum catalyst to revitalize, use two glycol ether solvent extraction, and then the distillation tower, in to benzene, toluene, xylene and other products.

purposes : toluene solvent used for large and high-octane gasoline additive, as well as the importance of organic chemical raw materials, but also from coal and oil to be of benzene and xylene compared to the current production of relative surplus, a significant number of toluene for dealkylatase system benzene or xylene system of qi . A series of toluene derivatives intermediates, widely used in dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, explosives and propellants, auxiliaries and spices fine chemicals production, synthetic materials are used in industry. Toluene the side-chain chlorinated a benzyl chloride, chloroform and Dichlorobenzyi benzyl, including their derivatives benzene methanol, formaldehyde and benzene benzoyl chloride (generally from the acid-gasification be), in medicine, pesticides, dyes, in particular spices Synthesis widespread use. Toluene is a product of Central chlorinated pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes intermediates. Toluene be acid oxidation is important that the food preservatives (mainly the use of its sodium salt), but also for the synthesis of organic intermediates. Derivatives toluene and benzene sulfonate system by the intermediates, including the p-toluenesulfonic acid and its sodium salt, CLT acid, toluene-2 ,4-disulfonic acid, benzaldehyde-2 ,4-disulfonic acid, toluene sulfonyl chloride, used for detergent additives, fertilizer anti-caking additives, Machine paint, medicine, dye production. Dinitrotoluene system for many of the intermediates. Derivatives can be a lot of the final product, which in polyurethane products, organic dyes and pigments, rubber additives, pharmaceuticals, explosives and so on the most important.

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1) Toluene;Methylbenzene;methyl-Benzene;antisal 1a;methyl-benzen
2) toluene;toluol;methylbenzene
3) toluene;toluol;methylbenzene
4) methylbenzene;Toluene
5) methylbenzene;Toluene
6) toluene;methylbenzene
7) Tol;Toluol;Methylbenzene;Toluene
8) Toluene
9) hexamethyl-benzen;hexamethylbenzene;mellitene;Hexanmethylbenzene;Mellithene;hexamethyl-benzene;benzene,hexamethyl-;Hexamethylbenzol
10) sym-Trimethylbenzene;1,3,5-trimethyl-Benzene;Mesitylene;1,3,5-trimethylbenzene;3,5-dimethyltoluene;1,3,5-trimethyl-benzen;trimethylbenzol;1,3,5-Trimethyl benzene;1,3,5-trimethyl-benzene;Mesitylen;hlesitylen
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