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Molecular formula : C19H17NO3
MW : 307.32
CAS : No

nature : the goods of brown powder. 217-219 ° C melting point. Do not dissolve in water and sodium carbonate solution.

Preparation Methods : 2,3-acid and right ethoxy aniline as the main raw material. 2,3 - Dichlorobenzene in acid with sodium carbonate salt, dehydration, the role of phosphorus trichloride, with the B-aniline condensation chlorine, sodium carbonate and in use, steamed chlorobenzene, and then filtration, drying derived. Product requirements lye insoluble impurities content of ?1.0%, dry goods early melting point of 217 ° C ? Raw material consumption (kg / t) of 2,3-acid 710 pairs ethoxy aniline 510 phosphorus trichloride 270 chlorobenzene 580 sodium carbonate 170

purposes : mainly used for cotton fabric dyeing and printing of bottoming agent.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
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