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Alizarin violet;Gallein;Pyrogallolphthalein;Spiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H), 9'-(9H)xanthen)-3-one, 3',4',5',6'-;Alizarin vio-let GBS;3',4',6'-Tetrahydroxyfluoran;C.I.45445
Molecular formula : C20H12O7
MW : 364.300
CAS No. :2103-64-2

nature : 1.5-molecular crystal water were brown or red crystalline powder. Non-crystalline water is yellow to green. About 180 ° C crystallization of water lost in the black over 180 ° C to 300 ° C or melting. Dissolved in alcohol, acetone, and diluted alkali solution, micro-soluble ether, almost insoluble in water, benzene and chloroform. In strong acid medium yellow stained, which was slightly acidic red roses, was neutral medium light purple, in strong alkaline medium was purple to yellow again.

Preparation : Even with Phloroglucinol derived anhydride reaction. X5 will anhydride and editing even Phloroglucinol slowly heated, stirring after liquefaction warming continue to 190-200 ° C, 4-5h, the reaction concentration gradient can not stirring until thick time. After cooling with hot water wash products, 10% ammonium hydroxide solution dissolved, filtered insoluble matter. Filtrate using hydrochloric acid, precipitated brown sediments. Filtration, warm-water washing. Reuse ammonia recrystallization operation once finished about 100g.

purposes : for the acid-base indicator agent, pH3.8 (Brownish yellow) -6.6 (Rose Red); For complex indicator, titration and bismuth, zirconium phosphate in urine. The price of goods with four bright red tin Dan is a sensitive determination of tin reagent.

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