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Structure of C2H5OH, molecular weight 46.07. A colorless and transparent liquid, the wine drunk incense smell, but also provocative spicy dark. Industrial ethanol content of 95%, relative density (20 ° C / 4 ° C) 0.793. Solidification point -114 ° C, 78.32 ° C boiling point, flash point (say) 16 ° C, 390-430 ° C to ignite. 1.3614 refractive index, viscosity (20 ° C) 1.41mPa s, surface tension (20 ° C) 22.27 × 10-3N/m, heat capacity (20 ° C) 2.42kJ / (kgK), the vapor pressure (20 ° C) 5.732kPa, solubility parameter δ = 12.7. Soluble benzene, toluene. Water, methanol, ether, acetic acid, chloroform arbitrary proportion immiscibility. Many can be dissolved organic compounds and some inorganic compounds. With the chromic acid, calcium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, nitric acid platinum, where nitrogen Salts and deployed rapidly, with the risk of explosion. Volatile, burns easily, light blue flame. Steam and air can form explosive mixtures, the explosion limit 4.3% -19.0% (vol). With hygroscopicity, and the water formed azeotropic mixture. Micro-narcotics, narcotic drink alcohol poisoning-dose 75-80 grams. Lethal dose of 250-500g. Air 1880mg/m3 maximum allowable concentration.
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More Detailed Data:
1) ethyl alcohol;ethanol
2) Ethanol;Ethyl alcohol;Hydroxyethane;Alcohol
3) ethanol;alcohol;ethyl alcohol
4) ethyl alcohol;ethanol;sprit( of wine)
5) Ethyl alcohol;1-hydroxyethane;absolute alcohol;absolute ethanol;aethanol;aethylalkohol;alcohol anhydrous;alcohol dehydrated;alcohol, anhydrous
6) ethyl alcohol;ethanol;spirit(of wine)
7) Alcohol
8) Alcohol
9) Alcohol
10) Ethyl alcohol;Etanol
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