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Fluorescent bleachesr R;Blankophor R;Leucophor R;Uvitex RS
Molecular formula : C28H22N4Na2O8S2
MW : 620.56
CAS : No

nature : 1. FWA R yellow powder, soluble in water, the solution was neutral reaction, good leveling and permeability, will be bathed in neutral or weak sexual directly with Bath on cotton, linen and renewable fiber fabric, the wool fabric very effective. 2. FWA is overcast R-Charge activity, it is not with cationic dyes, cationic softener mixed use, or to produce precipitation. 3. FWA R-hard water in the middle, but not containing iron or iron compounds, it is appropriate copper containers. Most influential sunlight, so it should be stored in aqueous solution brown bottle. 4. FWA R excellent color fastness, the ability sun, wearability, resistant to chlorine bleaching were good.

Preparation Methods : right nitro-2-sulfonic acid as the raw material, oxidation, reduction, condensation, treated generation sodium salt-SO3Na derived.

purposes : mainly for fiber, paper, printing the indiscriminate Whitening, light-colored fiber whitening and bleaching for photographic film. The goods not cationic dyes, cationic softener mixed use, it can produce precipitation. FWA R for bleach or fabric dyeing processing, with about 0.1 - 0.5 g / L, with warm water or hot water soluble, preferably between 35-40 ° C disseminated, the general staining time took only 15-20min. Padding the amount should be more disseminated increase 2-4 times that of processed fabric available whitening and brightening effect.

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