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Sodium molybdate
Na2MoO4 2H20 molecular 241.95
a shiny white crystalline powder. 3.28g/cm3 density. 687 ° C melting point. Anhydrous melting point of 627 ° C. Copies of cold water soluble 1.7 or 0.9 in boiling water. 100 ° C or heating longer will lose the crystal water. Toxic!
applications used in the manufacture of alkaloids, ink and fertilizers, molybdenum and Light red paint pigment precipitation agent, catalyst, molybdenum salt. Also used in the manufacture of fire retardant and water-pollution-free system of metal corrosion inhibitor. Also galvanized polished agents for chemical reagents.

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1) Sodium molybdate
2) sodium molybdate
3) sodium molybdate
4) Sodium molybdate
5) sodium molybdate
6) Sodium molybdat;molybdic acid, disodium salt;disodium molybdate
7) Molybdic acid sodium salt dihydrate;Sodium molybdate dihydrate
8) Molybdic acid, disodium salt, dihydrate;disodium molybdate dihydrate;sodium molybdate dihydrate;Sodium molybdate,dihydrate;sodiummolybdatedihydrate;Molybdic acid disodium salt,dihydrate;Molybdic acid,disodium salt,dihydrate
9) sodium;natrium;sodio
10) sodium
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