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PVC;polyvinyl chloride

structured ?CH2-CHCl] n -
& nbsp; vinyl chloride monomer by the addition polymerization reaction by the production of linear thermoplastic resin. Industrial white or pale yellow powder. Density (20 / 4 ° C) 1.40g/cm3, chlorine 56 ~ 58%. Low molecular weight soluble in ketones, esters and other chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent. The insoluble high molecular weight. PVC resin molding processing to be on the PVC. Monomer its low cost, production technology mature and easy to process. High crushing strength, wear resistance, electric insulation, and not combustion; However, thermal stability and Light poor. 140 ° Cdecomposition produce hydrogen chloride, in the processing molding process, the need to join the stabilizer. Softening low temperature limit of 80 ° C use. According to the increase in the number of plasticizer can be obtained soft and rigid plastic resin. Soft plastic wrapping can be used as wire and cable insulation and other material that can be made transparent film for raincoats, tablecloth, farm seedlings Films; The system is also used leather, foam and polyvinyl chloride fiber fiber. Rigid plastic sheet can be used to the system, pipelines, storage tanks, an absorber. PCE by suspension polymerization available resin powder, if using emulsion polymerization, in a paste resin.

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